‘Stuff soccer girls say’: A nationwide phenomenon

Have you seen it?

Better yet, does it make any sense to you?

Unless you play soccer, or better yet are a girl soccer player, this video is probably not funny in the slightest to you. But for us soccer players, this is life in a nutshell.

Started as a group of college girls complaining via Twitter about the daily grind of college soccer, ‘Sh*t soccer girls say,’ posted February of last year, swept the country, especially the soccer community, racking up views. The video, created by a group of girls at Fairfield University, pokes fun at common phrases and actions done by high school and collegiate female soccer players.

The video was so popular, currently with over 2.6 million views, that the creators were actually encouraged to start making t-shirts, and have sold a few thousand @soccergrlprobs t-shirts.

I can personally attest to the accuracy of the video. Our team has considered creating a video of the common phrases for our team. But for now, we just enjoy the hilarity of this tumblr, which equally identifies the life of an athlete.

They have since made a follow-up video, ‘Sh*t soccer girls say, pt. 2,’ which although not nearly as successful, is equally as descriptive of our lives as female soccer players.

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