NWSL website goes live

Yesterday proved to be a big day for women’s professional soccer fans as the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) launched their website in the afternoon.

The website, nwslsoccer.com, was announced live from the organization’s twitter page, and has generated a decent amount of user feedback, including over 100 retweets.

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The website includes links to the websites of the eight clubs that are slated to be a part of this spring’s action, including:

If the team websites are any indication, it seems that this time around, the NWSL is taking itself seriously. When it comes to building a fan base, one of the most prominent tools is the team’s website and Twitter handle. Each club has taken advantage of both of these tools, which should more than likely pay off in the long run. Creating hype for these teams to the locals, as well as those from around the country, should help establish some durable roots for a base of loyal fans. I personally like the way that Seattle has gone with their website design, and hope other teams follow suit in creating sites that give the league some digital credibility in a sense. With the layout (and not to mention, super awesome logo) Seattle has set a high standard for the type of class this league hopes to represent.

The website’s launch indicates the next step for women’s pro soccer fans, as it puts them one increment closer to the reality that this league is for real.

The @NWSL Twitter handle also indicated that the schedule will be released later today. Keep an eye out for my take on what the season schedule looks like, and who it favors.

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  1. I hope this league sticks. Women’s soccer has gotten a big boost from team USA’s success in the Women’s World Cup and in the 2012 Olympics, so hopefully fans will come out to see Wambach, Sinclair, Rapinoe, Morgan and Lloyd play on club teams.

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